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We Strive For a Better Living !!!
What We Do !!!

1. Education:
We at Helping Hand Foundation strongly believe the education is the fundamental right of every child and no child should be deprived of this basic right simply because he/she does not have access to it or does not have the resources to realize his/her dreams. Hence, we organize various events like conducting social awareness campaigns especially in rural areas to promote education, providing financial aid to the unprivileged children and in near future planning to start schools across the country to make schooling facilities easily accessible.
2. Food:
Helping Hand Foundation provides food assistance to the poor people with intent to help promote food security, which is defined as access of all people at all times to the food needed for an active and healthy life. Our food aid programs are oriented towards the objective of eradicating hunger and poverty. The ultimate objective of food aid is the elimination of the need for food aid.
3. Medicines:
Helping Hand Foundation strives to provide medication to all those who cannot afford them. In order to ensure easy accessibility of necessary medication to unprivileged people, we conduct various events like providing regular visits to the government and private hospitals, free check up camps in rural areas, providing aid to the ones approaching us etc.  
4. Care for the Old:
Helping Hand Foundation offers frequent visits to the old age homes and supplying the old age homes with basic amenities and other necessary help.
5. Orphans:
Helping Hand Foundation offers frequent visits to the orphanage homes and supplying them with basic amenities and other necessary help. It also funds children for their educational needs.
6. Animal Care:
We conduct various programs for saving birds injured during festivals like maker sankranti (Indian Kite flying festival), feeding water to birds and animals during summer, promoting use of cruelty free products and much more.
7. Environment:
We strive to protect our environment. We conduct various events for planting trees, protecting animals and prevent use of non recyclable wastes.